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About Jumping Fur
Jumping Fur v 1.0

What Is Jumping Fur?

Jumping Fur is an online automated virtual simsite, based on rabbits. The main goals for the players are to make money, competing and breed their own rabbits. Jumping Fur is a site that will be targeted towards the more mature players, we strive after an unique gameplay where the genetics of each rabbit will matter.

Can I Help You?

I have currently no need for moderators or co-owners at all. Though I do accept ideas for the gameplay, but I will not promise that your ideas will be used for the gameplay. Finally if you really want to help out, then I accept donations via paypal, to help developing the last stages of the site.

Alpha Accounts?

Alpha Accounts will be sold through PayPal with a starting price of $5. Alpha accounts will also be credited their value in JFC for the players to use on the site. Alpha Accounts will get certain benefits during the testing period, such as rare items upon release and they will get to keep thier low ID accounts when Jumping Fur opens for public registration.

Click here to purchase an alpha account.